A new program for Missouri Schools by the Missouri ARts Council

Learning for every student

A+ Schools of Missouri sparks whole-school transformation with an infusion of the arts. We foster creative and critical thinking, value collaboration, and honor individuality.

Using the A+ Essentials, a framework for teaching and learning, results in school communities that are engaged, innovative, and successful. This school model has flourished in four states since 1995: Arkansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Oklahoma. Their A+ Schools consistently report higher levels of engagement, attendance, and achievement for both students and teachers.

What is A+ Schools? A+ Schools is a model for transforming an entire school by implementing eight essentials, with arts every day at the center.

How does it work? A+ Schools comes to you for three years of initial training and transformation.

How much will it cost? The Missouri Arts Council will fund 100% of training and support to establish your school as an A+ School (roughly $90,000).

When does it begin? Our first round of A+ Schools will begin professional learning in August 2025. We will choose three schools to participate in this inaugural training class.

Where can I get more information?
– Register for a 45-minute informational meeting on Zoom, on May 13 at 4 p.m. or on May 20 at 10 a.m.
– Contact Jenni Ryan, Missouri A+ Schools program director and Missouri Arts Council arts education program specialist, 314-340-6857 and
– Check out the
National A+ Schools Consortium and these established programs in four states: Oklahoma A+ Schools Institute, A+ Schools of North Carolina, Arkansas A-Plus, Louisiana A+ Schools.