About the Touring Performers Program

The Missouri Arts Council Touring Performers Directory is designed for two purposes:

  • To promote Missouri’s touring performers
  • To provide quality touring performers in every part of the state

Performers in the Directory currently include 160 dancers, musicians, theatrical performers, storytellers, chalk artists, and folk artists. Performers are selected by a qualified panel to be included in the Touring Directory. Eligible presenters that select performers from the Directory may receive funding from the Missouri Arts Council.

Each listing includes this information:

  • Brief description of the performing artist’s program(s) (minimum 75 words, ideally 100-125, maximum 150)
  • Biographical information
  • Contact information
  • Website
  • Performance fees
  • Technical requirements
  • Available times
  • Photo
  • Link to video

The performance fee includes the artists’ fee, transportation, per diem, and lodging if necessary for a performance at least 50 miles from the artist’s home. Factors affecting the performance fee include the number and type of performances at a specific location, the size and type of audience expected, actual distance traveled, block booking arrangements, and equipment required. All fees listed are negotiable and subject to change.

The Missouri Arts Council does not serve as a booking agent for the artists listed. Nor does a listing guarantee employment. The most successful artists use the Directory as a tool to help promote themselves to potential booking agents.

Who May Apply

To be considered for inclusion in the Missouri Touring Performer Directory, individual artists must fulfill these requirements:

  • Be legal residents of Missouri, 18 years of age or older. If an artist group, the majority of the members must reside in Missouri. Nonprofit status is not required.
  • Have at least two years of touring experience
  • Be available to tour to a minimum of two Missouri communities at least 50 miles outside of the artist’s home base annually

Before You Apply
Contact Donald Rice, Missouri Touring Performers program specialist, at or 314-340-6854. Some types of performances may not be eligible.

How We Select Performers

A successful Touring Performer will demonstrate all these criteria:

  • Artistic excellence: We seek high-quality artists who are fine arts performers. This is the primary consideration for inclusion in the Directory. The panel will determine this by observation of a recorded performance. At a minimum, the artist should provide a link to a quality recording of the artistic components of their performance.
  • Performance and touring experience: Presenters expect an experienced and reliable touring performer. Past and future schedules of performances, venues, and presenters will be reviewed.
  • Professionalism in management, marketing/promotion, etc.: Support materials should include a website with video and/or audio to show artistic quality, and should be professional in appearance and offer the presenter useful information.
  • Willingness to tour at least two Missouri communities outside the artist’s home base
  • Contribution to a well-rounded Touring Directory: The panel will consider the artist’s program, genre, location, or style add to the Directory.

How to Apply

New applications for the Missouri Touring Performers Directory for the period between July 1, 2023, and June 30, 2024 are no longer available. If you wish to apply for FY2025, we recommend subscribing to our email notifications to stay informed. 

Acceptance to the Missouri Touring Performers Directory is a prerequisite for participating in the Missouri Arts Council School Touring Roster and Mid-America Art Alliance Regional Touring Program.

Review Process
Applications are reviewed by qualified panelists knowledgeable in performing arts, including performers, presenters, and community arts representatives. The panel recommendations are approved by the Missouri Arts Council board.

Artists on the Missouri Touring Performers Directory do not reapply each year, although they are subject to reevaluation on request.