Noodle Noodle Bo-Boodle, acrylic on panel | Natalie Wiseman, Joplin


Be inspired by the arts that innovate and create in Missouri.

April 27, 2024 @Presser Arts Center in Mid-Missouri


Hundreds of artists, arts administrators, and arts lovers will convene to experience the creativity and innovation of Missouri arts. Creative Missouri will feature compelling speakers, performers, lunch, and networking on one singular day. Brief presentations interspersed with media and performances make for a fast-paced, highly entertaining format that lets you experience everyone in just six hours. The event is centrally located in Mexico, Missouri, to make it accessible statewide. The first statewide convening for the arts in 24 years will take place this April 27 at Presser Arts Center from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Don’t miss this opportunity to network, get engaged, and be inspired.

Who should attend?
Artists, makers and creators, arts administrators, arts lovers, creatives and innovators, this is your event! Organizations, bring your board, staff, and volunteers! Group rates are as low as under $10 per person.


Amy Camie is a pioneer in the field of harp therapy. She is recognized as the “healing harpist.” A Certified Music Therapist, speaker, author, and two-time breast cancer thriver, she shares how music builds empathy. |

Karen E. Griffin (KE) is a brilliant art quilter and national storyteller. She aspires to make art as a bridge to history, emotion, and shared human experience. |

Justin Hamm is an award-winning poet and photographer, and life-long Midwesterner. He tells the story of the region with the perspective of a world traveler. |

Jessica Hentoff, St. Louis’ modern-day Peter Pan, teaches children to defy gravity to overcome other limitations and change the world, one flying child at a time. |

Lisa Higgins, Ph.D., director of our Missouri Folk Arts Program, lives at the intersection of art and heritage. She will share how folk and traditional arts are rooted in the past, practiced in the present, and sustained for the future. |

Jenn Nussbeck is the creative leader behind Parade of Hearts, a public art experience that celebrates diversity, unites community, and supports nonprofits by placing beautiful artist-designed hearts throughout Kansas City. |

Steve Snell embarked on a solo paddle of all 2,341 miles of the Missouri River. The stories include a tornado, a mouse, and a puppy named Steve. And over 100 watercolors made under less than studio conditions. |

Jayvn Solomon dares to extend reality and possibility with augmented reality and his art. His conceptual art series re-imagines reality and adds digital elements for our consideration that change how we view our environment. |

Brian Watson is a sculptor of larger-than-life sculptures. Partner in a metalworking company, he shows how self-produced fears hold us back from pursuing our passions. |


Lady J Huston is known for her captivating vocals, trumpet, and mesmerizing stage presence. She was on the finals of America’s Got Talent. |

Pat Kay plays clawhammer banjo and guitar with his hands, bass drum and tambourines with his feet, and vocals and harmonica with his face, and enjoys sharing tall tales in between. |

More performers and full schedule to come!


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