Art in the Open billboards by  Hannibal Arts Council, 1983 Honoree | Watercolor by  Brenda Beck Fisher, Hannibal


2024 – 1983

Liberty Public School District, Liberty (Arts Education)
Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis (Arts Organization)
City of Perryville (Creative Community)
Catherine Dudley-Rose, St. Louis (Individual Artist)
Kathleen Morrissey, West Plains (Leadership in the Arts)
Charlotte Street, Kansas City (Philanthropy)

Stray Dog Theatre, St. Louis (Arts Education)
Artists First, St. Louis (Arts Organization)
City of Hermann (Creative Community)
Kenneth Calvert, St. Louis (Individual Artist)
Joan Israelite, Kansas City (Leadership in the Arts)
Mary Strauss, St. Louis (Philanthropy)

Building Futures, St. Louis (Arts Education)
Kansas City Public Theatre (Arts Organization)
City of Branson (Creative Community)
Carmen Sofia Dence, St. Louis (Individual Artist)
Jeffrey J. Bentley, Kansas City (Leadership in the Arts)
Kathie and Richard Winter, St. Louis (Philanthropy)

Ben Martin, Lee’s Summit (Arts Education)
Upstream Theater, St. Louis (Arts Organization)
Cherokee Street, St. Louis (Creative Community)
Priya Kambli, Kirksville (Individual Artist)
Laura Shultz, Kansas City (Leadership in the Arts)
Clayco, St. Louis (Philanthropy)

William Ash, St. Louis (Arts Education)
Bach Aria Soloists, Kansas City (Arts Organization)
Grand Center Inc., St. Louis (Creative Community)
Maryfrances Wagner, Independence (Individual Artist)
Quin Gresham, Arrow Rock (Leadership in the Arts)
Jeanne and Rex Sinquefield, Westphalia (Philanthropy)

Circus Harmony, St. Louis (Arts Education)
Kansas City Symphony (Arts Organization)
City of Hannibal (Creative Community)
Steve Snyder, Mount Vernon (Individual Artist)
Cecilia Nadal, St. Louis (Leadership in the Arts)
Alison and John Ferring, St. Louis (Philanthropy)

Jeff Sandquist, Rolla (Arts Education)
Ragtag Film Society, Columbia (Arts Organization)
The Delmar Loop, University City/St. Louis (Creative Community)
Solomon L. Thurman, St. Louis (Individual Artist)
Sharon G. Kosek, St. Joseph (Leadership in the Arts)
Cathy and Tom Sakiyama, Chesterfield (Philanthropy)

Barbara Berner, St. Louis (Arts Education)
Shakespeare Festival St. Louis (Arts Organization)
Village of Arrow Rock (Creative Community)
Jerry Ford, Cape Girardeau (Individual Artist)
Gary R. Gaydos, Florissant (Leadership in the Arts)
C. Richard “Dick” Belger and Evelyn Craft Belger, Kansas City (Philanthropy)

Halcyone Ewalt Perlman, Columbia (Arts Education)
STAGES St. Louis (Arts Organization)
Community of Chillicothe (Creative Community)
John L. Schaefer, Kansas City (Individual Artist)
Jo Mueller, Joplin (Leadership in the Arts)

Frank D. Thomas, St. Joseph (Arts Education)
Columbia Art League (Arts Organization)
Downtown Peculiar Arts & Culture District, City of Peculiar (Creative Community)
Paul Mesner, Kansas City (Individual Artist)
Jennie Cummings, Mountain View (Leadership in the Arts)
Myrtle E. Walker, Kirkwood (Philanthropy)

Meg Bourne Hulsey, Joplin (Arts Education)
University of Missouri–Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance (Arts Organization)
City of Kansas City (Creative Community)
Sabra Tull Meyer, Columbia (Individual Artist)
Peter Sargent, Webster Groves (Leadership in the Arts)
Dr. Terry Brewer, Rolla (Philanthropy)

St. Louis ArtWorks (Arts Education)
Mount Vernon Regional Arts Council (Arts Organization)
City of Webster Groves (Creative Community)
Vesta Johnson, Kirkwood (Individual Artist)
Pat Jordan, Kansas City (Leadership in the Arts)
Arts and Education Council, St. Louis (Philanthropy)
Henry W. Bloch, Kansas City (Lifetime Achievement in the Arts)

Sharyn Hyatt-Wade, Columbia (Arts Education)
Sheldon Arts Foundation, St. Louis (Arts Organization)
City of Joplin (Creative Community)
Billyo O’Donnell, Byrnes Mill (Individual Artist)
Michael Gaines, Hannibal (Leadership in the Arts)
PNC Arts Alive, Clayton (Philanthropy)

Julie Bloodworth, Springfield (Arts Education)
Jazz St. (Arts Organization)
City of Chesterfield (Creative Community)
Juan William Chávez, St. Louis (Individual Artist)
Betty Schaper, Farmington (Leadership in the Arts)
Barbara Cooney, Sedalia (Philanthropy)

Dr. Robert Gifford, Cape Girardeau (Arts Education)
Opera Theatre of St. Louis (Arts Organization)
City of Lee’s Summit (Creative Community)
Jim Leedy, Lake Lotawana (Individual Artist)
Marie Nau Hunter, Columbia (Leadership in the Arts)
Joseph L. Gray, St. Joseph (Philanthropy)

Kansas City Art Institute (Arts Education)
Allied Arts Council of St. Joseph (Arts Organization)
City of Springfield (Creative Community)
Linda Lighton, Kansas City (Individual Artist)
Janette Lohman, St. Louis (Leadership in the Arts)
Beth Ingram, Kansas City (Philanthropy)

Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey (Arts Education)
Missouri Folklore Society, statewide (Arts Organization)
City of St. Joseph (Creative Community)
Linda Kennedy, St. Louis (Individual Artist)
Marc Wilson, Kansas City (Leadership in the Arts)
Gary and Marilyn Silvey Tatlow, Columbia (Philanthropy)

Vickie McCalley, Richmond (Arts Education)
Missouri Southern International Piano Competition, Joplin (Arts Organization)
City of Columbia (Creative Community)
Russ RuBert, Springfield (Individual Artist)
Douglass Freed, Sedalia (Leadership in the Arts)
Francis Family Foundation, Kansas City (Philanthropy)

Dr. Barbara Harbach, St. Louis (Arts Education)
Springfield Little Theatre (Arts Organization
Anthony LeRoy Glise, St. Joseph (Individual Artist)
Sally Brayley Bliss, St. Louis (Leadership in the Arts)
Barbara Hall Marshall, Kansas City (Philanthropy)
Hugo Vianello, Columbia (Lifetime Achievement in the Arts)

Susan Cole, Jefferson City (Arts Education)
Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts, St. Louis (Arts Organization)
Gladys Coggswell, Frankford (Individual Artist)
Jill McGuire, St. Louis (Leadership in the Arts)
Whitaker Foundation, St. Louis (Philanthropy)
Governor Warren E. and Betty Hearnes (Ruby MAC)

Coterie Theatre, Kansas City (Arts Organization)
Kyna Iman, Salisbury (Leadership in the Arts)
Kenneth and Nancy Kranzberg, St. Louis (Philanthropy)
Annelise Mertz, St. Louis (Arts Education)
Agnes Wilcox, St. Louis (Individual Artist)
Frances Poteet, St. Louis, Missouri Arts Council Director 1968-1973 (Ruby MAC)

David Anstaett, Lee’s Summit (Arts Education)
The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis (Arts Organization)
Jay McShann, Kansas City (Individual Artist)
Robert M. Baird, Springfield (Leadership in the Arts)
American Century Companies, Inc., Kansas City (Philanthropy)
Senator Roseann Bentley, Springfield (Lifetime Achievement in the Arts)

Linda Melkersman, Sikeston (Arts Education)
Kansas City Ballet (Arts Organization)
Bill Kohn, St. Louis (Individual Artist)
Gordon McCann, Springfield (Leadership in the Arts)
Beatrice Grimes, St. Joseph (Philanthropy)

John G. Patterson, Columbia
St. Louis African Chorus, St. Louis
Charles John Guenther, St. Louis
Joanne Kohn, St. Louis
Katheryn Shields, Kansas City
Shirley and Barnett Helzberg Foundation, Kansas City
Governor Mel and Senator Jean Carnahan, Rolla (Special Achievement)

Leon Hicks, St. Louis
Don Hutson, Lebanon
Joan Lipkin, St. Louis
James Costin & George Keathley, Missouri Repertory Theatre, Kansas City
Unicorn Theatre, Kansas City

E. Desmond Lee, St. Louis
Thomas D. Pawley III, Jefferson City
Naoma Powell, Columbia
Cynthia H. Schwab, Joplin
William T. Kemper Foundation, Commerce Bank Trustee, Kansas City

Max Hunter, Springfield
Dr. Dixie Kohn, Park Hills
Dr. Doris Jones-Wilson, St. Louis
Lyric Opera of Kansas City
Missouri Association of Community Arts Agencies, statewide

Carol Burns Bayer, Kansas City
Jose Gonzalez, Kansas City
Robert Hansman, St. Louis
Dr. Patrick Overton, Columbia
Metro Theater Company, St. Louis

Jean Vincent, Hannibal
Cynthia Siebert, Kansas City
Charles MacKay, St. Louis
Sosland Foundation, Kansas City

Dr. John M. and Joy Spiva Cragin, Joplin
Patti Greenwell, Shelbina
Helen R. McNally, Linn Creek
Robert A. Powell, St. Louis
Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation, Kansas City

Richard J. Bay, Kansas City
Michael Bollinger, Columbia
Ron Himes, St. Louis
Margaret Grigg Oberheide, St. Louis
University of Missouri–Kansas City Gallery of Art

John Q. and Juanita K. Hammons, Springfield
Dr. William Bondeson, Columbia
Talbot MacCarthy, St. Louis
Richard A. Martin, Jr., St. Louis
Henry W. and Marion H. Bloch Foundation, Kansas City

Ahmad Alaadeen, Kansas City
Jean Cantwell, Branson
Stanley J. Goodman, St. Louis
Richard J. Stern, Kansas City
Center of Contemporary Arts (now COCA – Center of Creative Arts), St. Louis

Allan S. Gray II, Lee’s Summit
Rheta Sosland Hurwitt, Kansas City
Sidney Larson, Columbia
Elizabeth Gentry Sayad, St. Louis
Teresa Taliaferro, St. Joseph

Bill H. Armstrong, Springfield
Russell Patterson, Kansas City
Mona Van Duyn, St. Louis
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and Affiliated Trusts
St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, St. Louis

Adam Aronson, St. Louis
Joan Kent Dillon, Kansas City
Lyman Field, Kansas City
Howard Nemerov, St. Louis
Missouri State Old Time Fiddlers Association, Columbia

Dr. Leslie Irene Coger, Springfield
Harold L. Lickey, Marshall
Elise Schweich, St. Louis
Hall Family Foundations, Kansas City
Southwestern Bell Telephone Company (now SBC Corporation), St. Louis

Edgar A. Albin, Springfield
Todd Bolender, Kansas City
Dr. Leigh Gerdine, St. Louis
Henry Townsend, St. Louis
Emerson Electric Company, St. Louis

David Morton, St. Joseph
Leonard Slatkin, St. Louis
Blanche Wolpers, Poplar Bluff
Union Electric (now Ameren UE), St. Louis
William Jewell College Fine Arts Program, Liberty

Governor Warren E. Hearnes, Charleston
Missouri Citizens for the Arts, statewide
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City
Saint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis
Young Audiences, Inc., St. Louis and Kansas City Chapters

Dr. O. Anderson Fuller, Jefferson City
R. Crosby Kemper, Jr., Kansas City
Ben H. Wells, St. Louis
Friends of Historic Boonville
William Underwood Company, Hannibal

Howard Baer, St. Louis
John and T.H.B. Dunnegan, Bolivar
Richard Gaddes, St. Louis
Dr. Patricia McIlrath, Kansas City
Mamie Stephenson, Columbia
Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre
Hallmark Cards, Kansas City
Hannibal Arts Council