The School Touring Grant supports the cost of presenting performing artists to PK-12 students.  School-Touring-Qualified performers can present at school assemblies or classroom workshops.

Who May Apply

PK-12 Schools are eligible to apply for School Touring Grants.

What and How Much We Fund

The award is 100% of the artistic fees (for one or multiple artists/performances), with a maximum of $1,500 per school building. This grant is not competitive; eligible and complete applications will be fully funded.

Project Period

For FY24, all project funds must be spent between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024.

How We Make Funding Decisions

The Arts Education Program Specialist verifies the eligibility and completeness of the application. If funds are available, the grant is approved.

Application Information

Application Dates: The School Touring Grants are on rolling deadlines. Apply by the first Monday of each month, two months in advance of the month in which the project incurs expenses. For example, for a project that incurs expenses in May, the application must be received no later than the first Monday in March. If the first Monday is a holiday, the deadline is on Tuesday. We encourage schools to submit applications early.

You will submit an application through  Smart Simple, our online grant application program. You will complete these five sections:

  1. Applicant Information (Name, ID numbers, Organization/school details, grant program)
  2. Project Information What kind of activity is being presented? When and where will this take place? Who is the performer? Who is the audience? What are your expected outcomes for your students?
  3. Budget Detail (total fee to artist minus 40% cash=MAC grant request)
  4. Attachments You will include performer resume.
  5. Compliance Statement (Authorizing official) For schools, superintendent (public) or principal (private)